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Our services include but are not limited to:

  • 24 hour/365 day emergency services              

  • complete mooring services

  • invasive plant abatement  

  • docks

  • ship husbandry                                 

  • professional video inspections                          

  • salvage of all types                                               

  • wood work

  • concrete forms

  • concrete placement assistance

  • pile jackets and grouting

  • concrete and rock drilling

  • coring and sampling

  • rock splitting

  • burning

  • welding

  • metal fabrication

  • demolition 

  • environmental silt mats

  • NDT and dye testing

  • water mitigation

  • coffer dam construction and leak control

  • dams (hydro, holding, timber crib, masonry and concrete) cleaning, maintenance and repair

  • zebra mussel abatement

  • traveling water screens maintenance and repair

  • cooling tower and pond cleaning, maintenance and repair 

  • nuclear plant cleaning, maintenance and repair

  • coal, gas and petroleum cleaning, maintenance and repair

  • intake and outfall inspection, maintenance and repair

  • pipe laying inspection and removal

  • cable crossings, inspection and removal

  • trenching

  • jetting

  • air lifting

  • debris removal

  • de-watering support

  • fluid transfer and pumping support

  • complete wastewater services 

  • complete potable water services


BMC Diving also has a dedicated potable water trailer set up for tower tanks and underground tanks and all equipment used with potable water never touches anything but. In addition BMC Diving has a wastewater trailer set up and ready to move. Our wastewater team is the best in the business, working in most hazardous materials and waste. All divers are specifically trained in hazardous materials and zero visibility. Every diver on the wastewater team will hold a 40hr HAZMAT certificate. We perform and have great knowledge in pollution control plants as well as basin reactors and ponds for paper/tissue plants and other industrial facilities.

Tools and equipment:

We use a variety of tools depending on the job at hand. We have a wide variety of pneumatic tools, drills; hammer drills, chipping hammers, impacts and much more. For the jobs that require more power we have a hydraulic power pack with all the latest hydraulic equipment, chainsaw, pumps, flange spreaders, pucks, diamond saw, breaker drills, chipping hammers, rock splitter and much more. If there’s a job that requires a tool we may not have we are able to often get the tool in just one business day.