Our Divers

Meet the Owners & General Manager

  • Quinn Philbrick

    Quinn Philbrick, Principal Owner Quinn received his commercial diving certificate in 2012 from the Commercial Divers Academy. Quinn has worked all over the United States on many different projects and has great knowledge and experience in underwater welding and fabrication, waste water diving and dam construction. He holds a welding certification as well as 30hr OSHA and 40hr HAZMAT, DCBC, Rigging RP-2D certified, TWIC card, Level 2 NDT, Current CPR/first aid and AED.

    Email: Quinn Philbrick

  • Chris Breton

    Chris Breton, Principal Owner Chris has been a commercial diver since 2003, he holds a commercial diving certificate from Divers Academy International. He has worked all over the United States on various projects, including bridge construction and demolition, environmental work, dams of all types, nuclear, coal, other power plants, waste water, potable water. He also has completed the DMT course and holds an EMT/DMT license, 40 hazmat, level 2 NDT, OSHA 10, 2 rigging certs, current first aid/CPR/AED.

    Email: Chris Breton

  • Dan Ricottelli

    Dan Ricottelli, General Manager Dan has been a commercial diver since 2011 and graduated from the Divers Academy International. He is a proud Navy Veteran, a certified welder, proficient HAZMAT diver and is experienced in dam rehabilitation. He holds current CPR/first aid/AED, rigging cert, and OSHA 10.

    Email: Dan Ricottelli

  • Danielle Ellis

    Danielle Ellis, Office Manager Danielle started working for BMC Diving, Inc. in 2019 part time and became the full time Office Manager in March of 2020. She graduated with a Bachelors in Elementary Education at the University of Maine at Farmington in 2009. Danielle holds a current CPR/First Aid/ AED Instructor Certification.     

    Email: Danielle Ellis